Top 5 mobile apps to Make Extra Money Online


You probably know that now we have applications you may use not just for the sake of entertainment but for online money making. But, you might not exactly find out about which one of those are legit apps. Let’s have a look at these top 5 killer applications you can use to save lots of extra money in your free time.

i-Say Mobile

This web-based app is from the Ipsos Company which does a lot of the polling during presidential races. When you have some leisure time, you can earn a living completing studies or you can accumulate items and redeem them for surprise cards from, iTunes, etc., or cash them in through PayPal.


Take photographs of your receipts and receive rebates by using the app. Join a free consideration, download the mobile app, and select “Rebates”. Here you will find lots of great offers. Rebates will change depending on product and the campaign.


If you’re having troubles with your price reports, you can save money and time by using Expensify mobile application. This android/iOS app lets you take receipts, keep track of time and mileage, keep tabs on business travel, create price reports, and even more. Using this mobile app will help you to get these exact things done quickly, and that means you can spend additional time actually earning money.


Earn rewards factor as a panelist for Ncponline. Check out your acquisitions and send the info directly into get points. You may even be contacted sometimes for opinions. You are able to earn a living through this app, and it takes merely an hour every week. You get things for each conversation so when you have sufficient items, you can cash them set for rewards.


This is an android/iOS application that allows you to generate income by resolutely taking photos. You may charge just as much as you prefer per photo, meaning your money making opportunities through Foap is almost limitless. People are always buying huge variety of photographs, and you could be surprised at how much cash you may do with an image.


Effective Ways to Stay Safe While Using Internet

We all have been no doubt totally aware of the necessity for level of privacy and learn about security online. You’ve put in all of your life being you, but it takes merely a few moments for another person to suppose your identity on the net.

As the web becomes an extremely important part of our daily life, questions about the level of privacy and security on the web are increasing. Keeping your private information, private data and financial information safe can be difficult. Insufficient internet ethics and privacy has lots of effects:

Effective Ways to Stay Safe While Using Internet

  • It upsets the supposed use of the internet
  • The trustworthiness and integrity of computer-based information gets damaged
  • The privacy of users gets cooperation
  • Wastes resources such as potential of users and computers

Because of the sheer level of devices that are linked online through web hosting servers, each which tells a tale about their users’ life and behaviors, internet security is crucial and users must be savvy about the info they are posting. The task for government authorities and police is one of governance; how will you regulate The Internet of Things? Probably with difficulty, this places even more focus on personal responsibility.

Effective Ways to Stay Safe While Using Internet2

By following few ways, you can stay safe from the mass of scams, privacy violation and spyware.

  • Be aware from spyware and use best tools to avoid it
  • Install anti spyware and antivirus program to stop spyware
  • Check for website safety
  • Use varied and strong password